Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Daniel McGrath Art Exhibition

Last night Jane Ebel & I went along to Daniel McGrath & Beans exhibition private view at Skippings Gallery, King Street, Great Yarmouth. And I'm so glad I did. Daniel's work made the gallery come alive on a cold dark winters night.

The lights from the gallery frontage were welcoming from the blustery dark street. As we opened the door it felt like a creative explosion. Daniel's favourite music was booming in the background. Daniel McGrath is a huge music lover, I imagine a lot of his paintings are produced with his studio full of songs playing loudly and him singing along.

Daniel Mcgrath's work is full of energy, freedom and colour, big bold splashes of black, primary colours from acrylic paint, spray paint with delicate detailed inked & pastel fine lines. Daniel isn't frightened or intimated by any art medium.

Lots of people milled around Skipping's gallery draped in thick winter coats and scarves. Holding a drink in their hand inspecting and talking about all the work surrounding them. Writing in the visitors book or drawing in Daniel's Dracila Book project which was sat on a high plinth. As I drew my piece in the book it almost felt like I was giving my own creative sermon.

Beans work compliments Daniel's perfectly. It feels like they were almost made to be displayed together. Bean paints on items you'd find in the urban environment, strong use of bold blocks of colour contained within ridged lines over laid with strong typography.

If you are an art lover and in the area go along to Skippings Gallery and take a look for yourself.

You can find Daniel McGrath on Instagram @danielmcgrathart

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