Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Down the rabbit hole

Angie hewitt.

I've nick named my art room 'the rabbit hole' because when I'm sat at my desk creating and making the rest of the world melts away.

There was a time a year ago or so, that I cleared a space at my desk, sat down, looked around, I desperately wanted to do something, but my heart started to race. I began to feel panicky and I got straight back up and walked out.

I wasn't too hard on myself. Sometimes we just need a break.

At the moment I can easily spend 8 to 14 hours, straight, in my art room, lost in my own little world and it feels good to be able to concentrate again, to focus on what I want to do. To immerse myself in my own creativity.

Just disappearing down my rabbit hole going on wonderful adventures.

And I'm lucky to have a way to share those adventures with you.


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