Tuesday, 13 November 2018

How Art Helps Me To Live With Depression

The symbol of progress. 

This time last year I was slowly shutting down from the world. I was counting the days until my last work commitment in early December. I was emotionally exhausted, unwell, I wanted the world to stop turning. I shut my doors in December and sank into a very dark stressful period of time. Over 6 months I struggled to sleep, I barely left the house and then I'd only be out of the house for under an hour. I barely spoke to anyone. I was in pain. I had panic attacks on a daily basis and I avoided everything.

This morning I ran out of PVA glue, I left the house, got a bus, went in a couple of shops, sat in a cafe, got a bus home. I felt unwell and I'm still in pain due to waiting for gallbladder surgery. BUT... emotionally I'm strong again. The panic attacks have stopped and I no longer overthink everything. 
This is a huge turn around for me. And gives me hope that things are really on the right track.

It wasn't until I got home that I realised I left the house without even thinking about it. I just put my coat on and went. And it's actually been years since I've able to do that.

Art is amazing. I needed PVA glue to continue with my projects. The need to be creative managed to override my anxiety. 

There is hope. 
Darkness does fade.
Be kind to yourself.

Angie Hewitt

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