Friday, 30 November 2018


Since I have begun creating video content for my YouTube channel it's reminded me what a jarred relationship I have with sound.

I have not added sound to any of my videos so far.

I am not a huge fan of music, I rarely seek it out. I sometimes get ear worm tunes and lyrics roll around my head. I find it more of an annoyance than anything.

I have looked on different platforms online for royalty free music, but I find it stressful. I don't really know what I want and licensing confuses me. I don't want to infringe on anyone's copy right. And I don't enjoy sound that much to commission jiggles or background music. If I did after a while it would get on my nerves. So I kind of resigned myself to creating silent videos.

But then this happened

Early evening I was in traffic at dusk and the sky looked almost futuristic I decided to capture it on video. I like capturing snippets of film like a video sketchbook. When I got home I sat an looked through the footage and I isolated a 4 second clip, the distorted background sound fit it perfectly. It has a sci-fi feel. I put this video together with the clip on loop.

I suddenly remembered how years ago I made a video in winter of the train travelling along the marshes and my friend watched it and recommended a piece of music to go with it. It was an was peaceful sound to the beat of train running along the tracks. The memory reminded me of sounds I do like and enjoy. Sounds I feel I can melt into.

Inspiration hit me. I don't need to find music, or create music. My mind doesn't work in a musically way. I wouldn't know where to start or no how to piece things together. But I can cope with thinking about pieces sounds I like and putting them together.

I had a look on a search engine for best music creation apps and I found one. I downloaded it, tried it and a whole new world of options opened up to me. The interface is friendly and each square activates a different beat or sample. I feel confident I could use it to noise, sounds into the background of my videos.

It's amazing how inspiration can come from normal everyday life, like getting stuck in the drive time traffic at dusk.

This is the app I am going to play with. Wish me luck.

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