Sunday, 30 December 2018

Goals & deadlines

I have managed to post on my blog everyday for the last 50 days.

If I know that I am going to have a busy week then I make sure I have scheduled a number of posts so that I make sure every day is covered. Then I keep notes on my phone note pad for ideas about future blog posts. It's working well.

Now I need to get into a good working routine with YouTube. At the moment I feel like I'm throwing videos on as and when. Then I get caught up chatting to other content creators. Which is great. But I am really enjoying youtube as a platform. So I want to make it work for me.

I need to work out a plan. A realistic one. Maybe month by month. I need to make some decisions about how often I want to upload, what I want to create, how to engage an audience and get them to return. Most importantly meet other YouTube artists and continue to build myself a little supportive community.

I am really excited about 2019. The possibilities are endless.

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