Thursday, 27 December 2018

Hopeful for the future

I am feeling full of gratitude right now. 
It's 2am Christmas Eve. 
Im tucked up in bed. 
I'll schedule this to publish on 27th because I like my blog to have daily posts.
I'm actually really hungry. My tummy is groaning. That might be my gallbladder problems though.

I'm just feeling so grateful right now.
Happy & hopeful.
I feel inspired and full of creative energy.

It's funny how when you close a door on part of your life.
And you know it's right.
But you wobble and worry.
At first there is a void and you feel a bit lonely.

But then slowly and carefully you open a new door.
And slowly step through. Tip toeing. Slowly. Carefully.
Unsure. But feeling you're doing the right thing.

After awhile you grow customer to the new and you begin to feel more confident.
You walk in through the door with determination to find more new things.
Each click and each box contains more things.
And you learn your way around.

Suddenly your life is full again with a whole world of possibilities. 
It's exciting and fresh and creative.
And free and open.

Well that's how I'm feeling at the moment.
I left Facebook. As an artist it didn't feel right.
As a person it didn't feel like a happy safe place anymore.
As an artist I found the closed network frustrating.
On so many levels Facebook fails creative people.

Now I've returned to blogging and documenting my work.
Ive been enjoying making videos about my work.
Of me working. Things I'm doing.
Uploading. Sharing.

Youtube has opened up this whole open platform of astonishingly talented creative people.
It's exciting. And I feel free.
And hopeful for the future.

I love getting to know artists. I adore seeing what they are working on.
I love skill sharing and talking about art supplies.
I love seeing exhibitions and creative projects.

This transion in my life. It's not just been here on the internet. 
It's been adjustments in many things in my life.
It was difficult to negotiate my way through.
But... it's amazing! 

Thank you for visiting in my blog and watching my videos.
Thank you for your messages and encouragement and support.

Let's continue our journey with art together. Inspire each other and those we connect with.

Art-roomers make the world a better place.

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