Saturday, 1 December 2018

My Art Room

About a year ago I got fed up with my art stuff being all over the house. And the chaos my living room would get in while I created work. It was just really messy and disorganised. So I decided to move out of my bedroom and put my double bed in the smallest bedroom in the house. If you are familiar with British houses, then you'll understand how tiny the small bedrooms can be. My bed almost touches all 4 walls. I have no space for any furniture. It's like my very own cave. It's cozy.

My thoughts were, I need a workspace and I can't afford a garden shed studio, plus I probably wouldn't use it. My master bedroom is ideal. It's heated, it's in doors, I have different work areas and room for storage. It's opposite the bathroom and it's big enough to contain my creative chaos.

I am lucky that I have the space to be able to do this. It gets used everyday. I can just go in there, sit down, open my sketchbook, grab a paint brush and open my ink pot. It's my favourite place in the hole world. I've nicknamed it my down the rabbit hole.

The rest of my house feels like a home again and much less chaotic.

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