Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Health update - preparing for operation

I had my gallbladder surgery pre operation assessment today.

I was a bit nervous before I went. But it was fine once I got there.

The nurse was really lovely and had good energy. Made me feel at ease.

She ran through what will happen on the day of my surgery, it's going to be keyhole, but there is always a risk thyroid might need to open me up. The gallbladder in located tucked around the back, kinda in the middle of the liver, most of the time they can get to the gallbladder via keyhole surgery, but on rare occasions they will need to lift the liver and to do this they will need to cut the abdomen open.

Fingers crossed my gallbladder will be nice and easy to get to. Hopefully I will be home the same day or one night over stay.

She weighed me, I've lost more weight. My blood pressure is fine, my heart rate was fine.

I talked througha couple of concerns. I feel much better about them. Then I went and had my blood taken.

As usual my veins hid, collapsed, but the nurse got it second try, after lots of pressing around. Last time I had my blood taken it took 3 members of staff several attempts over 45mins. I've been like it all my life. Good job I'm not scare of needles.

So I need to write a list of what to take, things I need to do before I go.

I've been having terrible headaches and awful pains. I never have a moment of not feeling ill.

So once this little gallbladder is removed the happier, less bloated, I will be.

I'm actually looking forward to it.

My kids are getting worried and I'm trying my best to reassure them that it'll be ok. I don't like them worrying.

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