Friday, 4 January 2019

Light bulbs

I realise I have more questions about life than I have answers..


Are modern light bulbs damaging our eyes?

I find LED bulbs so difficult to live with. I find that even if I buy the brightest bulbs I can they still don't lighten the room up. They seem to have a small radius and the rest of the room is dark. They don't create shadows or silhouettes.

But now I've noticed certain new LED bulbs around my house create a flicker effect on my phone screen when I'm filming or taking photos. But other older energy saving light bulbs don't.

So are they damaging our eyes. I know poor quality lighting can. But are these?

I just want good quality lighting. That brightens my rooms with honest light. Makes my home feel cozy and safe. That doesn't flicker and make me feel I'm in over occupied office building.

Lighting that won't leave me with headaches and long term sight damage...

What bulbs can I buy that will fix these problems?

I am beginning to question how bad the old bulbs were before they forced energy saving bulbs...
Was it a case that if we had implemented 100% renewable energy policy we could still be using them?

Are we all going to go blind because all our governments refuse to be 100% renewable energy countries?

Bin fossil fuels, bin nuclear.. install 100% renewable energy and let me have light bulbs that will give me honest light in my home.


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