Tuesday, 8 January 2019

YouTube Channel 2019

Now that I feel I have settled into YouTube,
   where things are,
   how to upload,
   how to do all the little thing that need doing,
   how to meet other creators,
   I've spoken over video footage...

I feel it's time to work out what direction I want to go in with it. So I decided on this

Upload Tuesday & Friday. Every week, no excuse.
One video will be a studio vlog and the other an informative video.
Then bonus videos if they crop up, like milestone celebrations or timelapse drawing.

I also need to sort out a new phone first and foremost. Then other things like a laptop, mine recently died, and in time a camera. None of these things are cheap. But for now I can and I will get by as I am.

I've been exploring the world of YouTube and uploading my own videos for 5 months now. At first I thought it was going to be a whim or a fad or something I would forget to do. But I'm really enjoying it and I get really excited.

My imagination is my only limitation

Angie Hewitt

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