Saturday, 19 January 2019

YouTube URL


I just discovered I could create a YouTube URL. I'm geekily excited about this!

here it is

to create you URL to go

Creator / video manager
      > channel in sidebar
         > status & features
             > custom URL


  1. I was so excited when I read this, as I had no idea you could do it! I rushed to my laptop, and went to do it. Annnnd. You need at least 100 subscribers. Boo. YAY for you though! I just need 53 more people. Lol! Glad you figured this out!

    1. Do a bit of comment hustling to get your 100 subs. It's kinda worth it just to get a personalised URL 💜✨

    2. I think I better do that! I started commenting a while back, and I've doubled my subs. Suppose I'll just ramp it up a bit more and find more cool youtubers out there! �� I want my own URL! �� That would be awesome!


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