Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Dreaming of familiar stranger

There is a familiar stranger that appears in my dreams.

I'd like to describe it as they are 4 or 5 people morphed into one. But they don't look like anyone I know.

Or part of my dream they will have the character of one of the people, but then changes into another.

They are calm, kind and make me feel safe. It's like they are trying to protect me. But at the same time I'll be feeling like we aren't quite connecting. Or be bickering. Or misunderstanding.  But they are always kind and it's me that's causing the problems.

Sometimes they are just in the background of the dream. Sometimes they are the only feature in my dream.

I am going to give lucid dreaming ago again. I would like to sit with them.

I dreamt of this familiar stranger the other night and woke up feeling a void.

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