Saturday, 16 March 2019


I went swimming today! It was one of my bujo (bullet journal) goals. I set a goal of going twice during march.

I really liked it. I love swimming. It's the trek to the pool I don't like.

Even though the pool was very busy I just really appreciated being there. In the water, swimming and moving around without the normal strains on my body.

If I go 4 times I am going to sign up for a monthly swimming pass.

Another note.

I keep finding myself replaying my past through my head and trying to work out what I would have done differently. I dunno if it's a natural reaction to general anaesthetic. I spent a good few days replaying a lot of stuff in my life since I was 15 years old. It was doing my head in if I'm honest.

I just kept feeling like. I'd messed up. It was all consuming and frankly depressing.

But then, while on a bus, I forced myself to think about all the happy times I've had.

My overall conclusion was : there are a few people I would have preferred to never have met. And a few opportunities I should have taken. But I am thankful for a lot.

Still feeling up and down.  

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